Vote Absentee

The Richland County Democratic Primary will be held Tuesday, June 9, 2020. While exercising your right to vote is important, voter health and safety are paramount to the Overture Walker Campaign. Therefore, given the on-going coronavirus pandemic, we are urging voters to vote absentee. Richland County voters have the option of voting absentee by mail or in person. Please file your absentee vote request as soon as possible because a large number of requests is expected.

According to the Richland County Elections & Voter Registration Office, voters may request an absentee ballot by completing a brief application online or by making a request in person, by phone (803-576-2240), mail, email, or fax. There are a variety of justifications for voting absentee, including being 65 or older or caring for a sick relative. Once your request is processed, the election office will mail you the ballot at election time. 

If you choose to vote absentee in person, you must present your photo ID. According to Richland County, in-person absentee voting begins 30 days before an election and runs through the day before the election at the Richland County Elections & Voter Registration Office at 2020 Hampton Street in Columbia. With in-person absentee voting, you can complete an application and cast your ballot during a single visit.

For more information on absentee voting, please visit Richland County Elections & Voter Registration Office.